Primexbt Copy Trading Review | Primexbt Copy Trading | Primexbt Fees

Primexbt Copy Trading Review | Primexbt Copy Trading | Primexbt Fees

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Primexbt copy trading review

Primexbt currently offers 7 pairs with unlimited trading capacity for each pair for $17.97 per trading day. It gives you access to the following pairs at the time of this writing:

Click the link for details and current trades.

Primexbt Prime Binary Options Review – Primexbt With Primexbt Trading

Let’s discuss Primexbt before trading it or any binary options broker.

Progressive Display (30-60 Trading Days):

Primexbt’s progressive display shows you a real-time market value indicator, making it easy to monitor each trade. You can save up to 90% by trading with Primexbt. Primexbt provides pre-calculated entries and validates them to ensure you get the best price for the transaction.

Primexbt gives you unlimited trading capacity for each trade, a review of all your trades, and a history of transactions from all trading pairs with a unique trading screen that shows what was traded for each trade.

They boast one of the fastest trading sessions as compared to other trading software in the market.

To get more detailed information about Primexbt’s trading sessions, please click on the following link for Primexbt review.

Primexbt – Trading With Primexbt

Trading Fees:

Primexbt charges a flat trading fee of $0.5 per trade. Their policies allow you to trade from between one to 60 days, starting from just a few cents for each trade.

Trading History:

Primexbt has pre-configured transaction histories for you to track the trading history for each trading activity.

Instant Replay:

Primexbt provides you with instant replay functionality. All you need to do is press the double button to trigger the replay of the last two trades. For example, if you want to replay the last two trades before you change your trading parameters, just do the following:

Primexbt Copy Trading

Click the “Double Click to Replay” button. Click the “Send” button to initiate a trade. Click the “Edit” button for each trade to make changes to your order parameters. Press the “OK” button to initiate the transaction.

If you want to change your trading parameters while you’re in a trading session, you can just do it while in a trading session. Simply make a change to your trades after entering the parameters in the trading screen.

On the following chart, you can see the pre-defined parameters on each trading screen:

Primexbt Review – Instant Replay With Primexbt

Review Summary:

If you think that you would benefit from trading with Primexbt, please follow the link and review their trading setup and review.

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